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Reading Tutor in Hastings on Hudson

Helping Your Child Succeed

with Direct, Multisensory Instruction

About Me

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My name is Anne Cunningham.  I tutor children in elementary and middle school that are struggling to read or have been diagnosed with dyslexia. 

I exclusively teach The Windward School's PAF Curriculum, a research-based adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham approach.  PAF is a multisensory program, combining visual input (seeing the letters), auditory input (saying the letter sounds), and kinesthetic input (writing the letters) to create a unified learning experience.  By strengthening associations and automatic recall, PAF improves word recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension. 


I ensure that my students learn each foundational skill and practice that skill even after moving on to the next skill, thereby guaranteeing mastery.  I love this approach because it reduces unnecessary frustration for the child and instills a critical sense of accomplishment.​


Parents . . . 

"My son has been working with Anne for almost two years. She has patiently and diligently worked through the curriculum through his ADHD diagnosis, remote schooling, and (most) days he complained of an extra hour of 'school.' After each session he comes back feeling proud and confident, in a better mood than when he began. Her style of making it fun and consistent has made my son realize how important this extra support is for him. 

And, results. Just a year ago we thought we would need to pull my son out of public school and send him to private school for his dyslexia. Thanks to Anne's diligent and loving approach, my son has now surpassed his peers in his reading level and, most importantly, LOVES to read."

- Mother of a 3rd grader


In-Person Sessions

Number of Sessions & Cost

Tutoring sessions take place in Hastings on Hudson, NY.
I do not tutor in the child's home because I cannot control the distractions in that environment.  Parents/caregivers are welcome to stay during the sessions.

A student must be able to meet for two sessions per week.  Experience has proven that two sessions are needed to make progress. 

Each session lasts an hour and costs $125.

Summer Sessions

I do not tutor children during the summer.  Summer is an important and necessary break from formal instruction for children. 

Materials Needed

Parents are responsible for purchasing the PAF skills books that their child needs.

I have skills books available at cost, or parents can purchase the books directly from

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